Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bridal Hair & Makeup

Preparing for Bridal Hair and Makeup 

Planning a wedding is a huge job. There are so many things to consider and people to please. Often brides forget about themselves until the last minute. Here is a guide to booking appointments to make sure the bride and her bridal party look their best and arrive at the ceremony feeling relaxed and happy!
  • 6 months before book a hairstylist and make up artist for the wedding day and book your trials.
  • 2 months before have a make up and hair trial. Try to do both trials on the same day so you can see how the hairstyle and make up look together. Take photos of how you would like your hair and makeup to look to show the stylist and make up artist so they can work with you to achieve the look you want.
  • 2 weeks before get a facial so your skin is exfoliated and moisturized and ready to glow on the wedding day. During this week is also a good time to get a body scrub and massage so your skin feels silky and you can relax before all the excitement begins.
  • 1 week before get a pedicure. Have a spa party with the bridesmaids and get nails and pedicures so you will all have pretty fingers toes for the wedding. If you are getting eyelash extensions have them done this week as well.
  • 2 days before give yourself a good body exfoliation and get a spray tan if you want to be more bronzed for the wedding. Today is also a good day to get your nails done if you have not had them done yet.
  • 1 day before wash your hair. Your hairstyle will hold better if your hair is not freshly washed so washing it the day before is best. Get your dress, shoes, accessories and make up together and ready so your don't forget anything.
  • On THE day...Relax and enjoy yourself! Cleanse your face before having your make up done and apply your regular moisturizer and eye cream. Be sure to have you hair accessories, lip stick and strip eyelashes with you when get your hair and make up done. Your hair and make up will be sprayed into place and should stay put the entire day. You will,however, need to reapply your lipstick during the day so have it in a bag with your eyelash glue in case an eyelash comes loose and some tissue to blot your face in case some tears fall. After the hair and makeup are complete all you have to do is get dressed and enjoy the rest of your fabulous day!
For Bridal Hair On-Location: Modern Makeovers christinajkemp@gmail.com
For Make up and Nails On-Location:  www.jessica-s-beauty-service.com 

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